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So one of the really nice sponsors at SQL Saturday had a vending machine that was rigged up to release a treat when you sent a tweet. Like so

I'm at #sqlsatcambridge home of @redgate #redgatetreat #red668

— Matt Smith (@matt40k) September 10, 2016

and give you…

In mine had a SQL Prompt license. At first I was a bit disappointed, I hoping for SQL Test license or a full blown SQL toolbelt but the more I’ve been using it, the more I’m loving it.

Like the IntelliSense… or the fact press table next to the * expands it out into the list of columns


The fact it re-opens the tables you had open the last time you were in SQL Management Studio, that it has a history. I’d like to say I never close the wrong window, especially when I haven’t saved them, but I do. Luckily with SQL Prompt it allows me reopen it.


It even stops DBAs going to jail :p

I would literally kill for : GROUP BY EVERYTHING , ie group by everything im not aggregating.

— Dave Ballantyne (@davebally) September 26, 2016

looks like it does - might be cheaper then 20 yrs in jail for murder :D #SQLPrompt pic.twitter.com/kphVNuYvms

— Matt Smith (@matt40k) September 26, 2016